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This appraisal report is subject to the following assumptions and limiting conditions and to special assumptions set forth in various sections of the appraisal report. These special assumptions are considered necessary by the appraisers to make a proper estimate of value in accordance with the appraisal assignment and are made a part herein, as though copied in full.

1. LIMIT OF LIABILITY - Liability of Hunsicker Appraisal Company, Inc and employees is limited to the fee collected for preparation of the analysis. There is no accountability or liability to any third party.

2. COPIES, PUBLICATION, DISTRIBUTION, USE OF REPORT - Possession of this report or any copy there of does not carry with it the right of publication, nor may it be used for other than its intended use; the physical report(s) remain the property of the appraiser for the use of the client, the fee being for the analytical services only. The report may not be used for any purpose by any person or corporation other than the client or the party to whom it is addressed or copied without the written consent of Hunsicker Appraisal Company, and then only in its entirety.

Neither all nor any part of the contents of this report shall be conveyed to the public through advertising, public relations efforts, news, sales or other media, without the written consent and approval of Hunsicker Appraisal Company, nor may any reference be made in such a public communication to the Appraisal Institute or MAI or SRA designations.

3. CONFIDENTIALITY - The appraiser may not divulge the material (evaluation) contents of the report, analytical findings or conclusions, or give a copy of the report to anyone other than the client or his/her designee as specified in writing (except as may be required by the Appraisal Institute as they may request in confidence for ethics enforcement), or by a court of law or body with the power of subpoena.

This appraisal is to be used only in its entirety and no part is to be used without the whole report. All conclusions and opinions concerning the analysis which are set forth in the report were prepared by the appraiser(s) whose signature(s) appear on the appraisal report, unless indicated as "Review Appraiser." No change of any item in the report shall be made by anyone other than the appraiser, and the appraiser and firm shall have no responsibility if any such unauthorized change is made.

4. TRADE SECRETS - This appraisal was obtained from Hunsicker Appraisal Company and consists of "trade secrets and commercial or financial information" which is privileged and confidential and exempted from disclosure under 5 U.S.C. 552 (b)(4). Notify the appraiser(s) signing the report or Hunsicker Appraisal Company of any request to reproduce this appraisal in whole or in part.

5. INFORMATION USED - No responsibility is assumed for accuracy of information furnished by or from others, the client, his designee, or public records. We are not liable for such information or the work of possible subcontractors. The comparable data relied upon in this report has been confirmed with one or more parties familiar with the transaction or from affidavit; all are considered appropriate for inclusion to the best of our factual judgment and knowledge.

6. TESTIMONY, CONSULTATION, COMPLETION OF CONTRACT FOR APPRAISAL SERVICES - The contract for appraisal, consultation or analytical service is fulfilled and the total fee payable upon completion of the report. The appraiser(s) or those assisting in preparation of the report will not be asked or required to give testimony in court or hearing because of having made the appraisal, in full or in part, nor engage in post appraisal consultation with client or third parties except under separate and special arrangement and at additional fee.

7. EXHIBITS - The sketches and maps in this report are included to assist the reader in visualizing the property and are not necessarily to scale. Various photos, if any, are included for the same purpose and are not intended to represent the property in other than actual status, as of the date of the photos.

8. LEGAL, ENGINEERING, FINANCIAL, STRUCTURAL, OR MECHANICAL NATURE, HIDDEN COMPONENTS, SOIL - No responsibility is assumed for matters legal in character or nature, nor matters of survey, nor of any architectural, structural, mechanical, or engineering nature. No opinion is rendered as to the title, which is presumed to be good and merchantable. The property is appraised as if free and clear, unless otherwise stated in particular parts of the report.

The legal description is assumed to be correct as used in this report as furnished by the client, his designee, or as derived by the appraiser.

The appraiser has inspected, by observation, the land and the improvements thereon; however, it is not possible to personally observe conditions beneath the soil or hidden structure, or other components, or any mechanical components within the improvements; no representations are made herein as to these matters unless specifically stated and considered in the report; the value estimate considers there being no such conditions that would cause a loss of value. The land or the soil of the area being appraised appears firm; however, the degree of subsidence in the area is unknown. The appraiser(s) do not warrant against this condition or occurrence of problems arising from soil conditions.

The appraisal is based on there being no hidden, unapparent, or apparent conditions of the property site, subsoil, or structures which would render it more or less valuable. No responsibility is assumed for any such conditions or for any expertise or engineering to discover them. All mechanical components are assumed to be in operable condition and status standard for properties of the subject type. Condition of heating, cooling, ventilating, electrical and plumbing equipment is considered to be commensurate with the condition of the balance of the improvements unless otherwise stated.

9. THE EXISTENCE OF HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES - No judgment is made as to adequacy of type of insulation or energy efficiency of the improvements or equipment. Further, unless otherwise stated in this report, the appraiser(s) have no knowledge of the existence of hazardous waste products or any resultant contamination, including, without limitation, asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls, petroleum leakage, or agricultural chemicals, which may or may not be present on the property, or other environmental conditions which were not called to the attention of nor did the appraiser(s) become aware of such during the appraiser's inspection.

The appraiser(s), however, are not qualified to test such substances or conditions. If the presence of such substances, such as asbestos, urea formaldehyde, foam insulation, or other hazardous substances or environmental conditions, may affect the value of the property, the value estimated is predicated on the assumption that there is no such condition on or in the property or in such proximity thereto that it would cause a loss in value. No responsibility is assumed for any such conditions, nor for any expertise or engineering knowledge required to discover them. The client is urged to retain an expert in the field of environmental impacts upon real estate if so desired.

Also, the appraisers have not commissioned an environmental audit of the property being appraised, nor have we been provided such a report that would indicated presence or absence of hazardous materials/contamination. The appraiser represents that he is not an expert to appraise insulation or other products banned by the Consumer Products Safety Commission which might render the property more or less valuable, and in connection with this appraisal, the appraiser has not inspected for, tested for, nor taken into consideration in any respect, the presence or absence of insulation or other products described above. Therefore, the appraiser assumes no responsibility in the event the presence or absence of insulation, hazardous waste contamination, or other products increase or decrease the value of the property from the value placed thereon by the opinion of the appraiser.

10. LEGALITY OF USE - The appraisal is based on the premise that there is full compliance with all applicable federal, state and local environmental regulations and laws unless otherwise stated in the report. Further, that all applicable zoning, building, and use regulations and restrictions of all types have been complied with unless otherwise stated in the report. Further, it is assumed that all required licenses, consents, permits, or other legislative or administrative authority from local, state, federal and/or private entities or organizations have been or can be obtained or renewed for any use considered in the value estimate.

11. COMPONENT VALUES - The distribution of the total valuation in this report between land and improvements applies only under the existing program of utilization. The separate valuations for land and building must not be used in conjunction with any other appraisal and are invalid if so used.

12. AUXILIARY AND RELATED STUDIES - No environmental or impact study, special market study or analysis, highest and best use analysis study or feasibility study has been requested or made unless otherwise specified in an agreement for services or in the report. The appraiser reserves the unlimited right to alter, amend, revise or rescind any of the statements, findings, opinions, values, estimates, or conclusions upon any subsequent such study or analysis or previous study or analysis subsequently becoming known to him.

13. DOLLAR VALUES, PURCHASING POWER - The market value estimated and the costs used are as of the date of the estimate of value. All dollar amounts are based on the purchasing power and price of the dollar as of the date of the value estimate.

14. INCLUSIONS - Furnishings and equipment or business operations, except as specifically indicated and typically considered as a part of real estate, have been disregarded with only the real estate being considered.

15. PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS, CONDITIONED VALUE - Improvements proposed, if any, on or off-site, as well as any repairs required, are considered, for purposes of this appraisal, to be completed in good and workmanlike manner according to information submitted and/or considered by the appraiser(s). In cases of proposed construction, the appraisal is subject to change upon inspection of property after construction is completed. This estimate of market value is as of the date shown, as proposed, as if completed and operating at levels shown and projected.

16. VALUE CHANGE, DYNAMIC MARKET, INFLUENCES - The estimated market value is subject to change with market changes over time; value is highly related to exposure, time, promotional effort, terms, motivation, and conditions surrounding the offering. The value estimate considers the productivity and relative attractiveness of the property physically and economically in the marketplace. The "Estimate of Market Value" in the appraisal report is not based in whole or in part upon the race, color or national origin of the present owners or occupants of the properties in the vicinity of the property appraised.

In cases of appraisals involving the capitalization of income benefits, the estimate of market value is a reflection of such benefits and appraiser's interpretation of income and yields and other factors derived from general and specific market information. Such estimates are as of the date of the estimate of value; they are thus subject to change as the market is dynamic and may naturally change over time.

17. MANAGEMENT OF THE PROPERTY - It is assumed that the property which is the subject of this report will be under prudent and competent ownership and management, neither inefficient nor super-efficient.

18. AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA) - The ADA extends to individuals with disabilities civil rights protection similar to the those provided to persons previously on the basis of race, sex, national origin and religion under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. One objective of the ADA is to make accessible to persons with disabilities all buildings and other facilities open to the general public on the same basis that those buildings and facilities are available to persons without disabilities. Existing buildings were required to be brought into compliance by July 1992. The appraisers are not experts in this matter and unless it is specified otherwise in the report, the value conclusion assumes the subject will not be adversely affected by this act.


A. The fee for this appraisal or study is for the service rendered and not for the time spent on the physical report.




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